The history of our firm

Sport Edoardo from 1959 to present

1959 - The firm laid the foundations in 1959 when a young Edoardo Costner, in the heating room of the Jägerhof hotel, began his winter business activity with four rental skis. The only tools were: a file, a hammer and a table (Edoardo had been a former carpenter apprentice).

1964 - He builds a wooden hut of 4 m x 6 m, to make the rental service easier and to get more space for the maintenance and technical assistance of sports equipment. These are the years of the economic boom and Edoardo is ready to meet the needs of an increasingly expanding and demanding tourism.

1971 - The store with his name opens in Colfosco, in Via Pecei 12 (main street 109): “Sport Edoardo”. During the following years, the store undergoes several extensions and improvements, becoming a point of reference for valleys’ inhabitants and tourists, eager for latest and fashionable sports products.

2000 - The rental division undergoes a radical renewal and extension, the range of products available increases, comfort improves and the service becomes more efficient.

2003 - The Outlet opens

2007 – “VANITY”’s opening. After a long sports tradition, the first fashion store by Sport Edoardo opens. The store is located in Corvara, in the new shopping complex of Via Col Alt, 59.